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Shakespeare Unfolded

One hundred beauteous springs have from the forests shook one hundred summers’ pride.

B2CTheatre presents Shakespeare Unfolded in association with Theatre North West,

Conceived and adapted by Lauren Brotman, as part of the 100 Year Anniversary Celebrations of Prince George.

In this hilarious, and often moving story, a company of actors joins forces to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Prince George through some of Shakespeare’s most beloved sonnets, love scenes and live music.

Set outdoors on the grounds of our historic Veteran’s Plaza Spirit Square at City Hall, this midsummer-madness delight, told completely through Shakespeare’s words, brings together a community of players and audience alike, to celebrate and reflect upon our history, our people, our sacred natural landscape, the human experience and our connection to Nature.

Created by: Lauren Brotman

Assistant Directed/Associate Produced by: Melissa Glover

Stage Managed by: Lorranna Ramsey

Featuring: Lauren Brotman, David Leach, Emily MacLise, Paige Marriott,

Anna Russell with Curtis Abriel and special guests

Sound Design and Original Composition by: Curtis Abriel

Production Design and Photography by: Jordanna McCoy

Friday July 17th and Saturday July 18th at 7:00pm

Tickets are by Donation at the Door

Veteran’s Plaza Spirit Square at City Hall


Bring Your Own Seating

Rain or Shine

Coupled with the production, Brotman is creating a live installation at SummerFest, The Memory Tree, where the community will be invited to write a significant memory they've experienced in PG on a piece of paper which will be tied to one of the tree branches in Veteran’s Plaza Spirit Square at City Hall. As the branches fill up, the history of the community unfolds, until finally we and the paper, fully unfolded, return back to the earth to begin a new cycle of life, newness and growth, a new centennial, as we enter our next 100 years.

Both events are themed by Trees, Paper and People, and remind us of the physical landscape we are a part of; our paper and pulp mill industry that thrives because of the trees that encircle us, and the people who ensure that our natural resources are used to further the vibrancy and growth of our city. Unfolded (Shakespeare Unfolded and The Memory Tree) celebrates the magical surroundings and vitality of our city and the heart of our natural resources; our trees, our paper and our people.

LINK to the Prince George CITIZEN article:





dirty butterfly

by Debbie Tucker GreenDBweb

dirty butterfly, by Jamaican British playwright Debbie Tucker Green, is a mesmerizing and startling drama that explores voyeurism, power and guilt by confronting the collateral damage of domestic abuse and racial economic divide through a modern storytelling style that is equally blunt and poetic.

A North American professional premiere as part of OBSIDIAN THEATRE's 2013/14 Season Presentation Series Nov 1-17, 2013. Strong press and audience response for both the initial festival and professional production included being voted one of the Top Ten Shows to see at the 2012 Toronto International Fringe Festival by Grid Magazine and the Torontoist, garnering Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Ensemble by NOW Magazine and topping the Best of Fest list by Mooney on Theatre. dirty butterfly was also called:

A rich and powerful play and how brilliantly acted and directed ... thank you for waking us up.  – Judith Thompson

Critic’s Pick NNNN  - Under Jack Grinhaus’s direction, everything is precise: Jackie Chau’s zigzag, mottled apartment walls that separate the trio but allow for fantasy confrontations, Andre du Toit’s expressive light, Sam Sholdice’s edgy sound design, the shocking moments of explosive physicality and carefully controlled speech rhythms that overlap to create effective harmonies.  - Jon Kaplan NOW Magazine

Psychologically rooted... physically striking…an intriguing play and production.  Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail

There’s a poetic fluidity to the language of the play and the actors perform it beautifully...makes you think. It’s the kind of performance that stays with you (as you replay certain lines and try to untangle their true meaning.  – Charlebois Post 

Jack Grinhaus’s staging, especially his symbolic use of red sand, is still effective, while Brotman reprises her gut-twisting performance as Jo. – Martin Morrow, The Grid

**** 1/2 A harrowing examination… Bound to Create Theatre's production goes right for the gut - The Torontoist

... a devastatingly gorgeous production... visually arresting, metaphorically rigorous staging, beautifully simple and utterly compelling – Dispositio

Featuring Kaleb Alexander, Beryl Bain, and Lauren Brotman. Written by Debbie Tucker Green, Directed by Jack Grinhaus, Stage Managed by Heather Thompson, Apprentice Stage Managed by Meredith Henry, Production Managed by Dave Degrow, Set and Costume Design by Jackie Chau, Lighting Design by Andre du Toit, Sound Design by Samuel Sholdice, Marketing and Publicity by Sue Edworthy, Associate Produced and photography by Joe Bucci.




Saved, by Edward Bond, is a disturbingly violent and shockingly funny look at lower class British youth desensitized to sex and violence. Set at the height of rave culture and the cusp of our current era, amidst our media influenced society, this retelling of Bond’s modern classic reveals the timelessness and universality of the play that abolished censorship in England.


Jenny's Room (Currently in Development)

Jenny’s Room is a look into the mind and body of an extraordinary woman. Through her relationship with her daughter Clara, her spiritual companion Nanna , and the world she has created for herself, we watch Jenny struggle through, confront, and ultimately transcend her mental and physical imprisonment, as she takes in life through sound, sense and memory.


Toronto Without Words I

Toronto Without Words I, a movement based piece with roots stemming from Charlie Chaplin and Samuel Beckett, was presneted at the 2007 Squiggfest Festival, Thursday August 9th 2007. A satirical look at the rampant condo-ising of the poor but artistically vibrant neighborhoods of Toronto; the city quickly becoming known as Condo- ronto



“What happens when dramatic and comedic actors come together to create a one week theatrical event that includes 2 short one act plays and musical interludes? Something funny and entertaining that inches in moments of depths and despair.” - blogTO Magazine

The Ecstasy of Phaedra (Currently in Development)

The Ecstasy of Phaedra

A radical re-envisioning of aspects of the Phaedra narrative. Part 1 Phaedra's Lust, performed at TAPESTRY NEW OPERA's Spring Showcase and LabCab dealt with repressed desires in us all and the shame of public vs. private obsessions.

Using dramatic texts, an original soundscape, and a new operatic score, this non-linear experimental physical theatre piece melds various performing arts mediums’ to help express the deep emotions and passions of the story of Phaedra.

Currently in Continued Development

Part 2 - Phaedra's Bile deals with our need to subjugate ourselves and others in order to resolve personal guilt.

Part 3 - Phaedra's Despair asks the question, "in what circumstances does death become a more viable option to life and how does one come or not come to terms with that?"


The Grace Project: SICK

Canada’s foremost playwright Judith Thompson, fresh off her recent play, Body and Soul, embarks on a new theatrical journey utilizing a similar process for the world premiere of The Grace Project: SICK at the 2011 Next Stage Festival - January 6th-17th, 2011.


The Complex: A Toronto Tale

A building burns down and we are transported back to the events leading up to the fire. We learn about the relationships of the people involved as they relate to each other in their respective and private apartments in the complex, as well as in the neutral territories of the building. Through this, we bear witness to the secrets they hold about themselves and the city.


Tabula Rasa

Presented at the 2005 Edmonton Fringe Festival at the Varscona Theatre August 18-28, 2005 to strong reviews and audience response, Tabula Rasa explored the relationship between two people trying to deal with the present while unable to escape their pasts. Through the incorporation of elements of pantomime and abstract lighting, the seemingly naturalistic play has an underbelly of rich stylization.


Rougher Trade

B2Cs inaugural production, Rougher Trade, was a hit and runner up for Best of Venue, at the 2004 Ottawa Fringe festival. The production, an in your face drama about the boundaries between fantasy and reality, shocked crowds, garnering strong reviews and the cover story of the Ottawa Xpress Magazine.


What's New!


" An intense production that addresses destructive social issues at a rapid-fire pace. "
- Mooney on Theatre