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The Complex: A Toronto Tale

The Complex: A Toronto Tale

by Jack Grinhaus
July 1 -11, 2010

A building burns down and we are transported back to the events leading up to the fire. We learn about the relationships of the people involved as they relate to each other in their respective and private apartments in the complex, as well as in the neutral territories of the building. Through this, we bear witness to the secrets they hold about themselves and the city.Inspired by interviews with Torontonians, this intense parabolic play retraces the events leading up to a building fire and how they relate to the eccentricities and stresses that come from living in Toronto. This innovative and visceral fusion of text based and physical theatre styles tracks through the memories of the four survivors of the Canada Day fire, as the play seeks to identify what it means to be ‘Torontonian’; what binds us together and what tears us apart.

... a Robert Lepage - esque type of movement piece... you will leave knowing you have just watched the future of theatre in Toronto. -Mooney on Theatre

Written and Directed by Jack Grinhaus. Featuring Lauren Brotman, Katherine Duncanson, Rob Fulton, Jerrold Karch, Geoff Kolomayz, Paolo Mancini, Richard Stewart and Dale Yim.Production Manager - Erin Birkenbergs. Stage Manager – Scott Seetoo. Associate Producer – Alexandra Breede. Set Design - Joanna Yu. Lighting Design - Kimberly Purtell. Sound Design - Lyon Smith. Costume Design – Travis Lahay. Assistant Director – Alyksandra Ackerman. Dramaturgy - Byron Laviolette. Website Designer/Developer – David Wahiche. Poster Design - Owais Lightwala.


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" Jack Grinhaus's directing is sharp, intense, and evocative. "
- NOW Magazine