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The Grace Project: SICK

The Grace Project: SICK

by Judith Thompson and the company
In association with The Sick Collective
A part of the 2011 Next Stage Festival
January 6th-17th, 2011.

Canada’s foremost playwright Judith Thompson, fresh off her recent play, Body and Soul, embarks on a new theatrical journey utilizing a similar process for this world premiere. The play sets out to explore the many concepts and ideas relating to disability, illness, challenge, and what it means to be thought of as sick by the rest of the world.The Grace Project: SICK gives voice to young people who may otherwise be disenfranchised by their experiences; showing not only the pain and isolation but the joys and grace with which these remarkable young adults navigate and control their own destinies. The hope of the production is to seek, confront, and understand the many preconceptions about living with challenges, about otherness, and the overall concept of what it means to be labelled SICK.

From the voices and truths of these young adults, woven and crafted with Judith and a creative team of established artists; Lauren Brotman (Co-Creator/Assistant Director), Beth Kates (Production Designer), Jordi Mand (Script Coordinator), Jack Grinhaus (Producer) and Sarah Miller Garvin (Producer), the play offers a transcendent experience for actors and audience alike in this deeply textual and highly theatrical exploration that is, The Grace Project: SICK.

Written & Directed by: Judith Thompson. Co-Created/Assistant Directed by: Lauren Brotman. Featuring Jordan Balzan, Victoria Carr, Domanique Grant, Emma Mackenzie Hillier,Megan Dale Murray, Nicole Dale Murray, Krystal Hope Nausbaum,Adrian Rebucas,Tanya Rintoul, Nazmul Shaheed, David Shelley, Rebecca Solway, Malube Uhindugingala,and Lisa Waters. Produced by: Sarah Miller Garvin and Jack Grinhaus. Production Design by: Beth Kates. Script Coordinator: Jordi Mand. Production Manager/Stage Manager: Scott Seetoo. Assistant Stage Manager: Blue Bigwood-Mallin. Assistant Designer: Mellissa Joakim


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" Beautifully constructed.... Visually stunning "
- NOW Magazine