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The Ecstasy of Phaedra (Currently in Development)

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The Ecstasy of Phaedra

A radical re-envisioning of aspects of the Phaedra narrative. Part 1 Phaedra's Lust, performed at TAPESTRY NEW OPERA's Spring Showcase and LabCab dealt with repressed desires in us all and the shame of public vs. private obsessions.

Using dramatic texts, an original soundscape, and a new operatic score, this non-linear experimental physical theatre piece melds various performing arts mediums’ to help express the deep emotions and passions of the story of Phaedra.

Currently in Continued Development

Part 2 - Phaedra's Bile deals with our need to subjugate ourselves and others in order to resolve personal guilt.

Part 3 - Phaedra's Despair asks the question, "in what circumstances does death become a more viable option to life and how does one come or not come to terms with that?"

" ... Bound to Create Theatre’s Phaedra’s Lust made more erotic use of the steps under Jack Grinhaus’s direction. Drawing on several sources (Seneca, Racine and Sarah Kane) to retell the classical Greek story of forbidden love, the excerpt featured Lauren Brotman as Phaedra and a trio of men (Kaleb Alexander, Andrew Loder and Jamie Maczko) as variations on Hippolytus, the stepson she desires. The action moved up and down the staircase, and it was exciting to have all that passion, in both text and movement form, spilling over the central railing to the audience sitting opposite." - Jon Kaplan, Glen Sumi: NOW LabCab Wrap-Up.

Created by Lauren Brotman and Jack Grinhaus with the company. Directed by Jack Grinhaus. Featuring Kaleb Alexander, Lauren Brotman, Derek Kwan, Andrew Loder and Jamie Maczko. Sound Composition by Romeo Candido

" A true ensemble piece and it’s a dance – flowing from the paranoia of language and movement. "
- Mooney on Theatre